The Support Association Inclusion School Irbid – FII e.V.

promotes the Arab Episcopal School (AES) in Irbid, Jordan.

Since its foundation, the school has been pursuing the goal of meeting the needs of blind and visually impaired children and young people with contemporary approaches, and to give them a better and more hopeful future. Previously, there was no pedagogical offer for them in Irbid and its surroundings.

The AES works according to peace education principles and with triple inclusion:
The joint education of

  • Christians and Muslims
  • boys and girls
  • Blind and sighted children

Our summer newsletter 2021

July 2021

Summer is here – and so is our Summer Newsletter 2021.

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Our spring newsletter 2021

March 2021

Our spring newsletter has been sent to our association members and all those who support AES through donations.

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New school term begins at AES

Samir, the founder of the school, tells us about the daily school life in March 2021

On February 08, 2021, the second school semester began. Everyone was happy that the time of home schooling was over and we could go back to school. In three stages the students were to arrive. By 07 March, all would have been there completely. But it was not possible. Two weeks after the first group of students, the newly arriving students doubled the number of Corona infected. So the return of the students to the school had to be stopped.

Now the school is again trying to provide distance education. However, distance education for the blind and visually impaired is especially difficult because the technical requirements are often lacking. The blind teachers therefore try to provide support to the students wherever possible and to make the lessons easier for them.

After the number of people affected by the epidemic increased from 700 to about 5,000 every day and the number of daily working hours in the stores was reduced, it was decided at the end of February to close the school completely every Friday after five weeks of opening.

Regarding the economic situation in Jordan, which is deteriorating daily due to the closure of many businesses, statistics in Jordan show that 24 percent of Jordanians have become unemployed. 400,000 people have lost their jobs due to the epidemic. These are not the ones whose working hours have been reduced by 50 percent.

In schools, there have been significant shifts in school fees, as only a small number of parents continue to pay school fees despite school closures. This will not change in the school year ahead.

Unfortunately, since only a few vaccines have arrived in Jordan so far, only a small number of people could be vaccinated.

In Jordan, hundreds of thousands of people are still waiting for their vaccination. Also, for example, my father and mother, both over 82 years old. The vaccine was given to my mother, but my father is still waiting for his turn. Priority was given to doctors and nurses in Jordan.

We pray to the Lord to help us in this disaster that has hit the world, as in the whole world we have lost many people in Jordan due to this epidemic. The number of people affected by the epidemic in Jordan is about 450,000 and the deaths are almost 5,000.

Reverend Samir Esaid
School founder

Ein Teams des jordanischen Gesundheitsministeriums testete die Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter der AES auf Corona.
In den ersten Tagen des zweiten Schulhalbjahres kam das epidemiologische Untersuchungsteam des jordanischen Gesundheitsministeriums in der AES vorbei und testete alle Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter auf Corona.
Die Kinder an der Arab Episcopal School werden von einem Team der Caritas Jordan Association auf das Coronavirus getestet.
Ein medizinisches Team der Caritas Jordan Association testet die Schülerinnen und Schüler der Arab Episcopal School zu Beginn des zweiten Schulhalbjahres auf das Coronavirus.

The AES in Lydia’s world

February 2021

Lydia writes about what it’s like to be blind. In 2019, her blog was nominated for the Grimme Online Award. We are very happy that an article about the AES appeared there.

And more than that, Lydia has set up a money pool through PayPal. All who wish can donate in the equivalent of a coffee for the AES until March 31, 2021.

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The blogger Lydia Zoubek

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the AES

Samir writes to the FII office on 20/03/2020:

We are fasting and praying a lot for the situation, with the hope of a change soon. Therefore, we do not want to grumble and take it out of his hands.

In our country the situation is not much different from that in Germany, with the exception that in Germany there is probably even more food in the supermarkets. Stores that are not existentially necessary should actually be closed, although not everyone complies. The same situation prevails in public transport. For this reason, as of today, even stricter controls have been introduced. Whether penalties have also been imposed is still unknown to me. The borders of the city districts have also been closed. So for now, we can’t get out of Irbid. Also airplanes usually can’t get in or out without a special permit.

The school is not in session at the moment because of the ban on meetings. It was set for 2 weeks for now, but the corona cases are increasing in Jordan, despite the precautions. Perhaps this period will be extended. During this time, the students will receive instruction via the Internet and/or television.

Marie Ann and also the other two volunteers have already made intensive contact with the Foreign Office some time ago. Due to the border closures, the three were picked up yesterday by a car of the German embassy and brought to Amman to an apartment that they have to pay for out of their own pockets. There they will stay until hopefully soon a plane will bring them to Germany. Unfortunately, we do not know how long this will take. Again, we can only pray that it will be soon!

I really hope that the situation will calm down a bit soon, but of course we take it out of God’s hands.
I pray for your health! All love and God’s blessings,

Reverend Samir Esaid
School Administrator

AES was awarded a prize by the Zero Project for its innovative work with the blind

February 2020, Vienna

The Zero Project, an initiative of the Essl Foundation, focuses on the rights of people with disabilities worldwide. It provides a platform for sharing the most innovative and effective solutions to problems of people with disabilities. The Zero Project builds on a growing network of over 4,000 organisations and disability experts with and without disabilities in over 160 countries. Through its conference, report and awards, the Zero Project disseminates and promotes reproducible and innovative solutions that overcome the problems of people with disabilities by raising public awareness and encouraging reform, acting as a catalyst for a world without barriers. …

During the course of the programme, the selected initiatives will receive training, mentoring, tailor-made support, networking and visibility in cooperation with local replication partners to further replicate their innovation and impact in other regions. The goal is to prepare these initiatives for replication, connect them with relevant replication partners, and further support replication through our alumni community.

Here you can download further information on the Zero project as a PDF flyer: